I’ve just realised how far we are as a nation from being really comfortable in talking about sex.  Fair enough, when you write a book with sex in the title, you can expect a little shyness about the content — but not from presumably hardened hacks. In a series of BBC radio interviews last week it became increasingly obvious that some of the presenters (all male, by the way) weren’t at all comfortable with the idea of talking about sex —  and especially not with a sex therapist. They introduced the item with comments like, ‘We can do this, can’t we?’, ‘We’re all grown ups on this show’ and ‘I’m sweating a bit here’ — as if they were about to be put through some hideous ordeal. So stressed had he become, in case I mentioned something ‘inappropriate’, that one guy even cut the interview early,  though we were discussing some dull statistics rather than anything remotely racy. Read the rest of this entry »